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With this product, you can paint anywhere you want and use it as a screen without space limitations. Anyone can use it without difficulty.



Beam Paint Basic/Expert is a water-soluble image film coating material for beam paint for walls and floors. It can be painted on various finishing materials (wallpaper, concrete, wood, etc.) on the wall, and it is not dazzling, has excellent reflectivity, and can create a luxurious interior feel.
There are no spatial limitations such as size, shape, or curved surface, so it can be painted conveniently and can be applied anywhere.
When using this product on the interior of a cafe or the wall of an exhibition hall, the wall can be easily changed and used without separate prints or decorations, and a new space can be created by replacing the video. It can be applied to media façades, art, video theaters, museums, automobile theaters, PR halls, and environmental decoration works.
The Basic (general) product requires DIY roller painting, and the Expert (expert) product requires spray painting.

Beam Paint Basic Beam Paint Expert
Gain 1.1 1.1
View-Angle 15.0 15.0
Applied areas Indoor and outdoor Indoor and outdoor
Application Wall, concrete, wood Wall, concrete, wood
Color Off white / gray Silver / dark silver
Volume 600g / 1200g 1200g
Theoretical application area 1200g / 5㎡ 1200g / 5㎡
Applicators Roller/Spray machine Spray machine



Beam Paint Glass is a rear projection display paint that can be used on acrylic, lexan, and other transparent materials such as glass. If beam paint is applied to the inside of the transparent surface and a beam projector is projected from the inside, a clear image can be viewed from the outside.
There are no spatial limitations such as size, shape, or curved surface, so it can be installed conveniently, can be easily removed when not needed, and can be installed and removed conveniently and quickly.
It can be used in various fields such as outdoor promotional advertisements on glass windows, short-term events, and exhibitions.

Beam Paint Glass Common
Gain 4.1
  • Scope of application: glass / acrylic / lexan / other transparent materials
  • Color: liquid / pale blue white
  • Finish: Translucent / lighting possible
  • Dilution rate: Tap water within 5% at high temperatures

※ Precautions: Do not clean with water and be careful of scratches

Half-Angle 13.0
View-Angle 26.2
Haze 95.53%
P.T 3.93
Theoretical application area 150ml / 3㎡
Applicator Roller/Spray machine



Primer is a two-component product (including the main agent + hardener) used when installing beam paint on the floor. If you apply the primer before applying the beam paint and apply the beam paint after it is completely dry, it will have excellent strength and excellent water resistance and contamination resistance.

Painting methods
  • Brush

    2 to 4 inches wide

  • Roller

    6 to 8 inches wide

  • spray

    Increases adhesion and concealment

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