Smart technology for better life PDLC SCREEN

LC Smart Window

This product realized the light control technology of liquid crystal material with large-area film and glass.
With a simple switch, the window can be easily and quickly changed between clear, block, and image modes.

LC Smart film

Product overview

It is a film (glass) product that adjusts the light transmittance (view) through voltage by applying Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal technology.

Main features
Technology that transforms windows and spaces
in a convenient and innovative way

LC Smart Glass

Product Features



Turn store windows into lively video screens.
Turn your office space into a more efficient and innovative space for ideas

Health care

Easily switch to view-blocking mode with a single button instead of curtains or blinds that are prone to pathogens

Residential space

Quick and easy privacy protection. Occupant safety (prevent outside intrusion, prevent scattering in case of disaster: in case of laminated glass products)
Unlike curtains/blinds, it maintains a bright interior space even in privacy mode (saving lighting energy during the day).
Transform a dark and humid bathroom space into a bright and pleasant one

Application Example

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